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Please pardon our appearance. Our web site is currently in the process of being developed.  Lawtomation, Ltd. is a professional services company which dedicates all of its resources and years of experience to the specific software needs of law firms.


Lawtomation, Ltd. specializes in customizing the Case Master III case management software package as well as the Tabs III billing and accounting software package from Software Technology, Inc. Being legal software consultants and having years of experience in the legal industry allows Lawtomation, Ltd. to mold Case Master III and Tabs III around your firms specific needs.











Customizing a legal software  package around your organizations needs provides a solid foundation for future growth as well as allowing your firm to operate effectively and efficiently. With an exceptional set of features and ease of use, Case Master III and Tabs III will certainly streamline your day-in and day-out operations.


Please check back soon as this web site will display very detailed information regarding all of the services and products that we provide. If you are interested in a service or product that we provide or if you have a question to ask, please utilize the contact information to the left. Thanks for stopping by!